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What do we do

Our service provides you with solutions at very low cost, with proven precision and superior repeatability. The latter, since you will not depend on certain problems such as the person doing the analysis being inexperienced or making a mistake in a measurement or in some working method

We provide high-level advice, in real time, with specialists in the area and with a technical-commercial team with extensive training and perfectly accommodating to your needs, wherever you need us and at every moment.

We offer high performance equipment of spectrophotometric technology and also Infrared of the Middle Infrared and IRTF (Fourier Transform Infrared) type, with leading brands in the market. We also deliver a wide range of Free and Total SO2, Tartaric Stability, Alcohol and Multiparametric Analyzers, of various prices and characteristics. The areas to which we deliver solutions in the Oenological Laboratory are:

Oenology Chemistry

Analysis of Free and Total SO2; PH; Volatile Acidity; Total Acidity; Primary Amino Nitrogen; Ammonia (and YAN); Gluconic, Lactic, Malic acids; Reducing sugars; Brix / Baumè, Glucose and Fructose degrees; among others.

Alcohol measurement

Agile and precise equipment, medium Info-infrared, which analyzes the percentage of Alcohol present in a wine or must in fermentation, in addition to providing Density and Dry Extract measurements in wines.

Innovación en Análisis de Estabilidad Tartárica

Tartaric stability

We provide an equipment named CrioSmart, with the ability to perform the Saturation Temperature test in less than a third of the time that such analysis usually takes, in other devices on the market (it takes about 45 minutes)..

SO2 analyzers

SO2 analyzers, Ac. Total and PH in Wines, of varying degrees of automation and prices. All very precise..

Our history take a look

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2013 / 2014

Due we come from wine-producing families of the Itata and Colchagua Valleys, we knew the most urgent needs of the Wine Industry and of medium and small wine producers, which awoke our need to overcome the existing gap between what we hoped to be as an Industry and what we have achieved so far.

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Joint Venture

It was decided to enter into a joint venture with a company of the oenological analytical area, from Spain, but whose methods and philosophy did not fit with ours, so we tried to find the isolated path, but our own and with maximum protection in the details and the precision and repeatability of analysis results. For this reason, bring us to a high-quality French-Italian supplier, BPC Biosed.

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Supplier from Italy and France

We started a mutually advantageous and long-lasting relationship with this supplier from Italy and France, with a long history in the oenology area, and we brought our first multiparameter spectrophotometric analyzer equipment, which we put to the test in important local wineries. User satisfaction was total and immediate and it was worth us to move on to the third year of operations, with the first equipment acquisitions.

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Start working with TDI

Consolidation of the company, with the entry of internationally renowned clients and the first contacts with the leader in oenological analysis in the world (the company TDI, from Barcelona), with which we began the agreement to plan a gradual arrival in the local market.

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We continue working with new important clients

We continue to consolidate the arrival of new clients and the knowledge of new potential suppliers from Europe. At the same time, our Managing Partner of the Biochemistry area, Raúl Errázuriz, PhD from the Universities of Chile and California in Davis, begins to play a leading role in advising client laboratories, to the point of becoming an important and attractive asset for them.

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Arrive in the company Bruno González

Bruno González joins the company, coming from the Health Industry and with vast experience in high precision analytical technologies. This was the driving force behind traveling to Barcelona and starting the business relationship with our new developer partner and supplier of high technology in wine analysis and oenological advice to international companies and top quality laboratories (Official Cognac Laboratory, France, Lab Nostrum from Spain, among others), that same year we began our relationship with a new supplier of infrared equipment, NIR (Near Infrared, for its acronym in English), the German company, Unisensor, with which we have started to have a lot of interest from part of the main national vineyards and wineries.